My Favorite Things

10. The way the air smells in North Carolina

9. Fresh tomatoes still warm from the sun


8. NPR. Listening to GPB was the beginning of my love affair for the news. Now I’m a sustainer and I cannot stress enough how important and wonderful public radio is.

7. Binging on true crime dramas (I’m currently on The People v. O.JSimpson, highly recommend)

6. Kayaking down the Broad River in Danielsville. It’s kind of like floating down the river in a lounge chair, with the occasional rapid. So relaxing.


5. Cheese. All of it. Preferably with pickles. Or with pasta. Or both.


4. 30 Rock- I have watched and rewatched the seasons so many times that if I fall asleep while watching it, I will dream in the next episode. Not sure if that’s healthy, but there’s no turning back now.

3. Giving my dog, Lola, raspberries on her belly

2. The sound of rain falling on a tin roof while I’m falling asleep

1. My husband’s cooking. I’m lucky enough to have married a chef that puts up with my constant back and forth on what I want for dinner.



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