Lindsay Green grew up in Gwinnett County, a bustling suburb of Atlanta. After graduating high school, she studied pre-nursing at the University of Georgia for two years before being attending the Medical College of Georgia’s nursing program in Athens. While she appreciated the rich interactions with patients and opportunity to serve, she discovered a career in healthcare was not her passion.

While taking time off from her educational pursuits to determine her true calling, she worked Local Republic, a hip gastropub in her hometown. Here, she gained valuable experience in the hospitality industry. She also learned about the vast world of craft beer and became a Cicerone Certified Beer Server. After getting married, Lindsay and her husband moved to East Atlanta. With encouragement from friends and family, she enrolled at Georgia State University to complete her undergraduate degree. When she graduates in December 2017, she will have a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. She is majoring in Communications, with a concentration in Media and Society, and minoring in English.

Lindsay works as an intern at Five Points, a Journal of Literature and Art. Her duties include copyediting, reviewing submissions, and helping with proofs. She also created the blog “A-Town Oddities” for the Five Points website. The blog features lesser-known landmarks and events in Atlanta. She enjoys exploring off the beaten path to investigate interesting sites to share with the Five Points readers.

Her goal is to use her writing as a tool to foster understanding, compassion, and wonder for the world around us. She hopes to work for a non-profit organization to give a voice to those that are subjugated, marginalized and otherwise overlooked. Lindsay believes that authenticity is the key to good reporting and seeks to paint vivid pictures with her words. In her free time, she practices yoga and spends time with her husband and two dogs.