Artley Interview

In Josh Kranzberg’s interview of Meredith Artley, editor in chief of CNN digital, the two discuss the evolution and future of digital media. Must has changed since 1995 when Artley started her first journalism job at the New York Times to help launch their digital platform. The website was a simple reproduction of their print edition. Her role was, as she phrases it, “Put up the paper online.”

As the delivery of news has changed over time, news agencies have had to adapt to the exponential expansion of technology and news platforms. Instead of replicating the print edition on a website, digital journalists must craft a story in multiple ways to suit various platforms in order to reach specific audiences. It is not about destination publishing anymore, it’s about meeting the audience where they are.

Artley reinforces the need to put the story first, and digital allows the journalist an array of tools and design elements to tell the story in the best, most complete way possible. This integration of print and broadcast has lent itself to a great deal of specialization in the field of journalism to incorporate video storytelling, audience analytics, and graphics. The audience does not want to have to seek news out for themselves. This requires an intimate knowledge of the audience so that digital journalist can shape and edit stories to communicate the story successfully within various digital platforms. Snapchat is a good example of how digital journalists have tailored stories to suit a platform in order to reach an important demographic: young people.

Artley believes that the hardest part of online news is staying on top of all the changes and embracing them. Constant reinvention has replaced legacy habits. A great deal of flexibility and collaboration is required in digital journalism.


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